February Updates from the Farm...

Winter is in full swing here at the farm, and we’re all getting caught up on chores indoors today.

One of those is updating the family and farm blogs today…and for those wondering, this is Rob writing.

Last night, we had our monthly family dinner…which takes place here on the second Saturday of the month.


As it turns out, yesterday was National Pizza Day - which we celebrated in full effect!

Below is a slideshow of the feast we all enjoyed…which included:

  • Medina Deep Dish - Kaiser Style, a traditional Pepperoni and banana pepper, two low-carb cauliflower crust options…one pepperoni, and the other broccoli, mushroom, and pastured ground pork lightly seasoned with a jamaican jerk seasoning and shredded goat mozzarella. Additional pizzas involved a keto-friendly white pizza (with a chicken crust), delicious and small personal-size “beet-zas” which included venison, apple, and a tangy raw swiss cheese shaved upon beet slices harvested by Cody earlier that day. To top everything off, we enjoyed a delicious fruit pizza that Kate made for dessert!

Happy National Pizza Day indeed!

These family dinner days seem to be turning into a family work day / project day on the farm as well.

It seems to be convenient for Matt to arrive relatively early with young Emily. Mom (and often times Kate) will spend time babysitting Emily, while Matt works on projects with Rob and/or Dad.

As far as the farm season is concerned, we’ll have some updates on that later…but for now, we’re very much enjoying the down time with our friends and family, especially during family dinners such as this.

We hope you are enjoying this winter season and keeping warm and safe.

Happy Winter!

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