Spring 2019 Update

This blog post comes to you just after the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 21.

Before we are too deep into Summer, we wanted to provide you with a spring farm update.

It’s been a very busy spring (and a very wet spring) for all of us here at York Meadow Farm!

We welcomed spring this year with maple trees being tapped by our tenant farmer, Cody Grey.

Tapping Maple Trees

Tapping Maple Trees

Tapping trees has been something we’ve always wanted to do…and Cody made it happen!

Cody is helping us navigate the “beta-version” tenant farmer program we’ve learned about.

We’ve networked with several other small farms to learn more as our farm continues to grow.

Cody works in conjunction with another farmer who works here part-time, named Ken Roe.

Last year, Ken rented the property and high tunnel. This year, he’s working together with Cody.

Together, they have scaled up production and are selling at two different farmers markets.

We’re very happy to have the opportunity to share our land with two additional small farmers.

They’ve taken over much of the growth and production of our annual produce for this season.

In turn, this has allowed Mom and Dad to redirect their energy in new and different ways.

For example, we had the opportunity to speak about fermented foods via Healthy Medina.


Healthy Medina is a collaborative effort between the Cleveland Clinic and the City of Medina.

The program is designed to promote optimal health and wellness within local communities.

We were more than happy to accept the invitation and share. “Educate. Nourish. Healthy.”

Mom and Dad split the presentation equally…in a nutshell – Dad on history and Mom on health.

The 2019 Medina Farmers Market brings the addition of a second tent for “The Kraut Guy.”


There was sufficient demand last year that we decided to scale up our production of ferments.

“The Kraut Guy” has sold out at each market we’ve attended…we’ve even sold our samples!

Provided we are able to maintain the desired quality, we’ll continue to develop and grow.

Our line of bath and body products also continues to grow and expand with the 2019 season.

Kate and Mom continually work together testing and refining recipes for exciting new products.


Matt and Rob have continued work in the barn with our latest project: a walk-in cooler.

We’ve been making progress on it and are documenting all of the work with detailed photos.

We’ll try to write a separate blog post detailing out how and why we chose to build our walk-in cooler.

Each month, we’ve been able to continue the tradition of family dinners with Mom & Dad.

Our family continues to grow with the addition of a granddaughter and a wedding in the fall.

It’s been a busy (and wet!) spring, and we expect it to be a busy summer as well…but we love it!

This is the life of a small farmer and homesteader, and we feel blessed to be living it.

We sincerely appreciate the support of all our customers who continue to encourage us.

And last but not least, we appreciate your support, the reader for taking the time to read and share the article with your friends and family, may we hope to encourage someone else.

Thank you,

The Kaiser Family